contemporary gypsy jazz fusion band

Frumious brings together violins, guitar, accordion and bass, and adds jaw-dropping talent and youthful enthusiasm, to create an exciting and infectious atmosphere.   Drawing on a smorgasbord of influences, from gypsy-jazz improvisation to contemporary folk, they produce a multi-layered energetic and vibrant sound.

From Hobart, Tasmania, Frumious channels the energy of five brilliant young musicians into a multi-layered sound that is authentic, intricate and infectious.

Formed by brothers Ziah Cooper (violin), Taylor Lewincamp (bass) and Jes Lewincamp (guitar), and close friends Bea Harrison-Day (violin) and Finn Rees (accordion), Frumious emerged from the local musical culture with roots in Tasmanian folk traditions, jazz, gypsy jazz and other influences. Having played together since childhood, their musical intuition is obvious.

Since forming as Frumious in 2014, they have played a wide range of gigs, including the National and Cygnet Folk Festivals, and at events around Tasmania. From festival masses to small gatherings, Frumious is developing a reputation for bringing warmth to Tasmanian winters and festivity to its summers.

The name Frumious, originally used by Lewis Carroll, conveys a wild musical creature of fierce and fiery disposition.

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